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Yes! I want to take advantage of this Special 2 for 1 Holiday Sale . Please send a 1-year gift subscription to my friend above. Then send a second 1-year gift subscription absolutely Free (or I can treat myself). That's two gift subscriptions for the price of one, for only $19.97! Plus, I will receive a FREE Scenes of New England 2016 Wall Calendar. Applies to new gifts only.

Enjoy the Best of New England all year long with a subscription to 
Yankee Magazine.Inside every issue of Yankee you’ll find:

  • Tried-and-true New England recipes
  • Decorating tips from our interior design experts
  • Easy-to-follow gardening advice for all seasons
  • Travel secrets and great getaways
  • Plus you'll receive Yankee's special Best of New England issue every year, and much, much more!
Item Number: YNKE10-GIFT

ISBN: 074470011750

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Submitted by

The Chartrand family has enjoyed this magazine for generations.

Submitted by

Merry Christmas. Hope you enjoy!

Submitted by

I hope you enjoy New England :)

Submitted by

I haven't looked at the magazine yet, but I know the people I'm buying it for love it.

Submitted by

Excellent magazine! Enjoy it very much!

Submitted by

Hello Colleen,

I hope you enjoy this magazine as much as I do!

Thank you for all you and Shannon do for me!


Submitted by

I couldn't be happier with Yankee Magazine. I have subscribed for many, many years and love every issue! Thanks, Yankee!

Submitted by

Happy Mothers Day to me!

Submitted by

This is my gift to me.

Submitted by

Would you send me a digital picture of your cover featuring the Enfield Shakers please? Thanks! PLP

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