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Made in New England

Alpaca Fleece Survival Socks - MEN'SAlpaca Fleece Survival Socks - MEN'S

SAVE 20% The color comes from the…

Alpaca Fleece Survival Socks - WOMEN'SAlpaca Fleece Survival Socks - WOMEN'S

SAVE 20% Warmer than sheep's wool!

Handmade Glass Coin BeeHandmade Glass Coin Bee

SAVE 40% No two are alike

Handmade Glass Coin BicycleHandmade Glass Coin Bicycle

Works as an ornament too

Handmade Glass Coin GrapesHandmade Glass Coin Grapes

No two are alike

Handmade Glass Coin Horse Sheep ChickenHandmade Glass Coin Horse Sheep Chicken

No two are alike

Handmade Glass Coin SnowflakeHandmade Glass Coin Snowflake

Popular choice

Maine Warmers Microwave Heating Pad - Black BearMaine Warmers Microwave Heating Pad - Black Bear

Provides moist heat to soothe tight and sore muscles.

Maine Warmers Microwave Heating Pad - Polar BearMaine Warmers Microwave Heating Pad - Polar Bear

Holds the heat or cold about one hour.

Maine Warmers Microwave Heating Pad - Wise Owl  Maine Warmers Microwave Heating Pad - Wise Owl

Microwave heating pad doubles as gentle ice pack!

North Country Moon Beam Outdoor DecorationNorth Country Moon Beam Outdoor Decoration

Pair it with the Sun Beam for added garden whimsy!

North Country Sun Beam Outdoor DecorationNorth Country Sun Beam Outdoor Decoration

 3D sun rays add to its appeal!

Patriotic Candle Holder SetPatriotic Candle Holder Set

SAVE 25% Features 4 patriotic sayings: USA, God Bless America,…

Relaxation Candle Gift BasketRelaxation Candle Gift Basket

 Includes 6 candles and 2 votive 4-packs.

Yankee's Gardener’s Soap & Lotion Yankee's Gardener’s Soap & Lotion

Pamper your favorite gardener!

Old Hancock Birch Leaf SuncatcherOld Hancock Birch Leaf Suncatcher

Made in New Hampshire.

Old Hancock Dragonfly SuncatcherOld Hancock Dragonfly Suncatcher

No two are exactly alike!

Old Hancock Elm Leaf SuncatcherOld Hancock Elm Leaf Suncatcher

Brighten a window or a porch.

Old Hancock Frog SuncatcherOld Hancock Frog Suncatcher

Hang in odd numbers for best effect.

Candy Cane Pewter OrnamentCandy Cane Pewter Ornament




Santa in Sleigh Christmas OrnamentSanta in Sleigh Christmas Ornament

Handcrafted in the USA

Vintage Spire Pewter Ornament Vintage Spire Pewter Ornament




Angel Pewter OrnamentAngel Pewter Ornament



Antique Wood Bobbin Candlestick SetAntique Wood Bobbin Candlestick Set

These are unique, gorgeous, and come with a great story.

Horse DoorstopHorse Doorstop

Made in New England

Lighthouse DoorstopLighthouse Doorstop

SAVE 20% Made in New England

Beer is Proof Wooden SignBeer is Proof Wooden Sign

"Beer is proof that God loves us..." Ben Franklin

Live Free or Die Wooden SignLive Free or Die Wooden Sign

"Live Free or Die. Gen. John Stark, 1809 "

Moose Tapestry Balsam Filled PillowMoose Tapestry Balsam Filled Pillow

Weighs a whopping three pounds!

Reindeer Pewter OrnamentReindeer Pewter Ornament




Rooster Pewter OrnamentRooster Pewter Ornament




Maine Warmers Microwave Heating Pad - Woolly BearMaine Warmers Microwave Heating Pad - Woolly Bear

Help relieve tension headaches.

Alpaca Fleece Casual Classic SocksAlpaca Fleece Casual Classic Socks

SAVE 20% Made exclusively with baby alpaca wool, the finest,…

Bluebird Pewter Ornament Bluebird Pewter Ornament


Scarlet Tanager Pewter OrnamentScarlet Tanager Pewter Ornament



Antique Wood Spindle Wire Heart CandlestickAntique Wood Spindle Wire Heart Candlestick



Goldfinch Pewter Ornament Goldfinch Pewter Ornament



The Lobster Rope BasketThe Lobster Rope Basket

4 color combinations and 3 sizes to choose from!

The Old Farmer's Almanac Garden HodThe Old Farmer's Almanac Garden Hod

Designed for harvesting and washing plants, fruits, vegetables

Human Nature Down Under Sudser SoapHuman Nature Down Under Sudser Soap

Body bar and shampoo in one