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Lost and Vintage Recipes (Hardcover)

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Created for the home cook, this new hardcover edition of Yankee’s popular 2012 paperback bookazine version features mouth-watering photographs, plus 30 additional recipes for a total of more than 130 delectable regional favorites. 

New Englanders know their heirlooms... clocks, quilts, vegetables, and more. Now Yankee Magazine rediscovers and updates its most delectable classic recipes, such as Chicken and Dumplings, Roquefort Biscuits, Red Flannel Hash, Corn Pudding, and Cranberry–Orange Stack Cake, for today’s home cooks, who appreciate a great heirloom when they see one. Starters and soups, sides and meats and fish, breads and desserts, and more have been retested and updated for today’s cooks and today’s palates. To enhance the fun, you’ll find the stories and histories behind many of the recipes as well.

No publication better captures the essence of New England than Yankee Magazine. No book better captures the essential foods of classic New England than Yankee Magazine’s Lost and Vintage Recipes.

Yankee Magazine has covered the New England scene for decades. Senior lifestyle editor Amy Traverso is also the author of The Apple Lover’s Cookbook (W.W. Norton), winner of the International Association of Culinary Professionals’ 2011 Best Cookbook (American) Award.

192 Pages

Item Number: 9781581571813

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