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States of Grace: Encounters with Real Yankees

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by Edie Clark

States of Grace: Encounters with Real Yankees, Edie Clark's new collection of honest and heartfelt encounters with real Yankees, is a treasure chest of personalities within thirty-two memorable characters taken from thirty years of Edie's writing. 

"Here are some of the most delightful, eccentric, honest-to-God Yankees you'll ever meet. New England's most beloved columnist, Edie Clark, paints each of their portraits with the soul of a poet and the warm heart of a friend..." - Sy Montgomery, author of The Good Good Pig 

"To read Edie Clark’s profiles is to enter into the truest New England.  She meets people with her heart open and, thus, a vast array of characters open theirs. You will not forget the people you meet in these pages.  And you will understand why Edie Clark has long been the writer Yankee’s readers feel is a part of their family." - Mel Allen, Editor, Yankee Magazine

Item Number: YNKBEC2

ISBN: 9780971993471

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