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Lobster Shacks

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by Mike Urban

Lobster Shacks is a fun, road-trip-style guide to the 75 or so best shacks in New England, starting in Connecticut and heading north and east through Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine. Each entry features a lively description that includes historical background, biographical portraits of owners past and present, highlights from the menu, and driving directions. Scattered throughout the book you’ll find featured recipes, lobster shack legends and lore, and information on local fishing fleets. Author Mike Urban is a longtime lobster shack aficionado who’s spent years searching for the greatest shacks—only those places with the right zeitgeist and feel have made the cut, and with this unique guide in hand, you’ll be able to try them all too.

  • Paperback, 224 pages
  • Full color photos throughout

About the Author
Mike Urban is an editor, writer, and book packager who specializes in travel, outdoor recreation, sports, food, and business/career books. He has been in book publishing for over thirty years, last serving as vice president and associate publisher of Globe Pequot Press, where he edited hundreds of travel guides and created a plethora of guidebook series. Urban lives in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, with his wife and four children.

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